Dec 23, 2009


Her name is Cathie and she works for a real estate agency. How we came to know each other is merely due to destiny.
We arrived in Ottawa on the first day of November 1997. The first snowfall was already visible in the streets and the temperature was around zero and minus 5 degrees. For me and my family it was very cold but at the same time we were happy to see so much snow all over the city. We stayed at Capital Hotel that’s across from my workplace and while I was working my family, assisted by a broker who someone had recommended to us was looking for what was going to be our home in Canada's capital. We viewed so many houses and even though there were a lot of them, not one of them really filled our expectations. Days were passing, it was getting colder and more snow was falling.
One day coming back from work I noticed that my teenager daughter was not in our room. I asked my husband about her and he said that she had gone on a tour and would be back soon. When she came back and like every mother does I told her how worried I had been. She replied that she was bored and tired of living in the one room so she went on her own to look for a house and that is when she met Mr. Jolie on the bus. She started talking to him and told him about our situation and he said he was going to help us. But how, I asked her, is he a broker? This was something new for me in Canada you need a broker for many things and many reasons.
A few minutes later the telephone rang. I pick it up and said hello, on the other side a nice voice said "hi, its Cathie here am I talking to Ms. Almazan? Yes I replied. Oh, listen, a friend of mine, Mr. Jolie, said that you're looking for a house. Yes, yes. Are you familiar with the city? Well we have been in some areas and viewing many houses but actually what is most important to us is to find a nice three bedrooms and two bathrooms house no matter in which part of the city I answered desperately. My children are tired of living in a hotel, I said to her.
I understand she said. No problem, there’s a good number of houses to view, when are you able to start? Right now if you wish. OK I'll meet you tomorrow she said. Cathie at that time only worked in sales not rentals but the way Mr. Jolie asked her to help us was the key. Cathie drove us to so many places, never lost her patience, or showed any kind of annoyance, she was always straight and answered all of our questions no matter how silly they were. Her commitment to find us a place was totally evident. Moreover, Cathie was always on time, elegantly dressed and what to say about her make up and her manicure, immaculate, she's gorgeous.
While looking here and there December was knocking at the door, Christmas spirit was already in the air, all government buildings and businesses were decorated but we had not found the perfect house. I was desperate and begging for a miracle to happen. I saw with my eyes wide opened the thermometer reaching minus 20 degrees outside at night, this cold made me dream about sitting with my children around me in front of a fireplace, most houses in Canada have a fireplace, grilling marshmallows and chestnuts, decorating our Christmas tree, wishing to settle.
In the early morning of December the 4th Cathie rang earlier than usual (8am) and said Adela a house just came up a few minutes ago and I think this time is what you're looking for. “Oh wonderful, lets go and see it” And it was indeed. On a snowy morning of the 6th day of December 1997 we moved into our new home-sweet-home and found a beautiful Christmas plant arrangement with Cathie’s card. My husband and I were deeply touched by her gesture. Cathie did the miracle. Her commitment with us was very clear: I won’t stop until you’re totally satisfied. But the story doesn’t end here.
After living three years in Ottawa, the prices of houses dropped considerably and I thought it would be a good idea to buy one. Guess who I called in first place to invest in a property, yes, Cathie. We went again into 30 houses until we found our beloved home in Ottawa. Her advice, ability, skills and her honesty were fundamental to achieve this transaction we are so proud of.
We happily lived for four years in our property. After that time we were transferred to Ireland and decided to rent it. I was going to do some kind of long distance management. I really tried but it was a disaster, it didn't work out at all. Little by little the house lost its nice appearance and I lost my tenant.
I got in touch with Cathie once more asking her advice and with her usual courtesy said, no problem Adela, I'll help you. And she's dealing with contractors, making payments, posting my mail and a long etcetera. She is taking care of my house as if it were hers. No one has ever given me so much, she's amazing.  My gratitude to Cathie, God bless and help her to succeed always in every business.

Cathie we’re gonna make it!

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